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Francis van Bossuyt, Christus aan de geselkolom

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Francis van Bossuyt, Christus aan de geselkolom

Francis van Bossuyt,
Worked primarily with ivory, but also in wood and terracotta.
Brussel 1645 – 1650
probably ca. 1645-1650
Antwerpen 1650 – 1655
according to older sources also would have worked in Antwerp during this period
contact with Balthasar Permoser at the Accademia (mid-1650s?)
could have worked in Modena (mid-1650s?); assumption probably based on the presence of two early works in the Galleria Estense (see RKDimages)
Rome 1655 – 1680
Probably associated mainly with groups of Florentine academy students (Theurkauff 1975, p. 158); possibly already in Rome before ca. 1655 (Schmidt 2012); around 1680 returned with the painter Bonaventura van Overbeke (Pool 1727). A work dated 1682 in the doll house of Petronella de la Court in Utrecht, Centraal Museum.
Amsterdam 1680 – 1692

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