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eik, 83/58 cm.

Jan Symonsz. Pynas (1582, Alkmaar – 1631, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

According to Houbraken Jan and Jacob Pynas were good at landscapes and figures, but Jan was better than Jacob.[1] Jan travelled to Italy in 1605 with Pieter Lastman where they spent several years practising art after the great Italian masters.[1]

According to the RKD he was the brother of Jacob and he made two trips to Italy in 1605 and 1617 and it is not certain his brother accompanied him.[2] In Rome he was friends with Adam Elsheimer, Pieter Lastman, and Jacob Ernst Thomann von Hagelstein.[1] Jan’s sister Meynsge married the artist Jan Tengnagel in 1611.[2] He became the teacher of Bartholomeus Breenberg and Steven van Goor.[2]

The works of the Pynas brothers are close in style to the painter Adam Elsheimer, and there has been a history of mis-attribution between the three, where both of the Pynas brothers are known to have signed their works “J. Pynas.”[3]

Jan died in Amsterdam; Jacob survived him by many years and is thought to have died in Delft.


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